Hot Stone Massage in Gatineau

Relax and disconnect with a hot stone massage! At 53 Karat Beauty Salon, it is possible! What could be better than feeling your body being heated by the expert hands of a therapist and by the warmth of hot stones? Pamper yourself with a hot stone massage in Gatineau. 

A thermal experience of Amerindian origin, hot stone massage will connect you to the earth and bring you a sensation of extreme muscular relaxation.

The benefits of hot stone massage:

  • Lets you disconnect from your daily life and relax your body
  • Relaxes knots in the muscles and relieves pain
  • Helps the organism get rid of toxins
  • Leads to a state of profound relaxation
  • Creates a feeling of peace and spiritual well-being
  • Regulates blood circulation and energy flow
  • Supports lymphatic drainage
  • Promotes elimination of lactic acid
  • Eliminates cellulite by destroying fat pockets
  • Restores and strengthens the immune system

What to expect:

The basic elements used in hot stone massage are volcanic stones and massage oil.
This massage stimulates the body by heating the muscles; with the effect of heat the blood vessels dilate, promoting blood circulation. Polished, smooth stones are placed on the skin, taking advantage of their ability to retain heat. Some massage therapists travel the world over looking for the most beautiful stones.

To have an experience that will transport you through time,
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