Medico-Aesthetic Care for The Face and Body in Gatineau

Nobody likes to see skin imperfections. At 53 Karat Beauty Salon, we offer medico-aesthetic care for face and body in Gatineau to help you say goodbye to cellulite and localized fat deposits and once again welcome your youth.

Exilis Elite

Exilis Elite provides durable and measurable results with an efficient, pain-free protocol. 

With its non-invasive system, all zones of the body can be treated and improved safely. The key to the effective treatment is to use the levels of energy without compromising the patient’s comfort. 

Exilis Elite offers a concept of superimposing energy at various depths through the tissue. The deeper the treatment is given, the more we can reach localized fat deposits. The more the treatment is on the surface of the skin, the more we reach cellulite and stimulate collagen and fibroblasts. 

Exilis Elite is the only patented appliance that offers intelligent impedance in real time and it has won a number of awards, such as the best FDA approved aesthetic medical device. 

Exilis Elite can, in one session, destroy fatty cells, cellulite and firm the skin in the same area at the same time, depending on the protocol and the client’s desired results.

Elimination of Localised Fat Deposits

Treatments that eliminate fat are exceptional for people who want to change their figure. The technology used is called “radio frequency”. It consists in penetrating into the skin and creating heat that melts the fat. The fat is then eliminated through natural lymphatic processes. The beauty of this treatment is that we eliminate fat from large surfaces, which makes it possible to remodel the figure and create a firming effect on the skin, resulting in a younger, more remodelled and very satisfying look.

Anti-Cellulite Treaments

Anti-cellulite treatments can be given anywhere on the body where there is cellulite. After your treatment sessions your skin will be super smooth and soft: like the skin of a drum! You will need around four to six sessions before seeing the benefits.

Firming Anti-Age Treatments for the Body and Face

The Exilis Elite treatment for the face is a regenerative treatment with an instant effect that will last over time. This treatment consists in activating collagen and the fibroblast to encourage cellular contraction of the skin. You will feel an immediate contracting effect of the skin but the optimal effect is reached two months after the first treatment. For this treatment, we use radio frequencies. This treatment guarantees you a regenerative anti-gravity effect. You will feel your skin is more toned and your wrinkles will be spectacularly less visible! This treatment is excellent for necklines, chins and necks that are prematurely aging, eyes, around the eyes and whole face. You will be able to go back to your occupations immediately after the treatment, as it is pain free. The effect is similar to a massage with hot stones. 

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